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Friday, 31 December 2010

Stonehaven Open Air in the Square and Fireballs

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The first Open Air in the Square was organised by Doug Paton and Stonehaven and District Community Council to celebrate the new millenium. The event was a huge success and has continued every year since - weather permitting. It is now organised by a committee of volunteers, who are grateful for the support shown by local businesses and sponsers who make the night possible.
Although the event almost didn't take place last year due to lack of volunteers, it did go ahead and now  the hard working committe with support and sponsorship from Training company imorph have changed the format a little and this is expected to be the best year yet.
Stonehaven Market Square will be empty of cars. In their place will be a huge stage flanked with video screens and bedecked with lights, music stands and speakers. There are fair ground rides, food and drink stalls, and an eager and excited crowd of all ages. All this surrounding one of Scotlands biggest, free, annual outdoor parties.

Using the technical wizardry of the modern era, the organisers are able to present stunning live footage of the Fireballs Festival in the High Street at midnight, on stage via the video screens. If you can't find a space in the High Street, you can still stay in the Market Square and not miss the procession. So whether you are a teenager by age or at heart, local or visitor, go along, enjoy the evening and have fun by joining in with dancing, singing and cheering.
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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Monday, 6 December 2010

New Found Fame for Louis Walsh Look Alike

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My mate Peter Stewart from Aberdeen has joined a Look Alike Agency as Louis Walsh and recently rehearsed with The Chippendoubles for Britain's Got Talent.

Just recently he was involved in the video for The Chippendoubles Charity Christmas Song, Simon Carol
You can view this on You Tube

You will see Pete with a  Simon Cowell look alike and other stars you will recognise.

Pete has appeared in Stonehaven with his Singing gigs at Stonehaven Bowling Club and the British Legion.

If you like the track, the Christmas Charity Song will be available for download from itunes on the 13th of December from
I Tunes

All sales will go to CLIC Sargent charity for children suffering with cancer.

The video is entertaining and the song is good. Worth a look on You Tube.

Pete said "It was great fun and I hope people will support this good cause".

George McGillivray
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