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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

As I listen to the howling gales and watch the devastation caused in areas of Aberdeenshire not far from my home in Stonehaven, I just feel so lucky that I do not have to travel far in this weather.

As we enter a new year I have been reflecting on some of the best advice I ever got about creating a ‘laptop lifestyle’ business where you make money from home, or from anywhere else in the world you like:
The fastest way to succeed is simply to copy someone who is already successful.
That’s right. Copy the rich bloke. It really works...but many people never follow this advice.
Maybe you try to re-invent the wheel, come up with a new ‘original idea’ or follow different so called ‘Gurus” who have never made any real money...but are happy to tell other people how to succeed.
Following a proven system by someone who has made millions along with many of his students is the fastest way for you to finally make it. It’s the quickest way to leave your dreary dead end day job behind for good.
Inside his new book, COPY THIS IDEA, Andrew Reynolds hands you his exact blueprint for making a monster-sized income from home by following some proven super-simple principles.
No matter how many times you may have failed before...or what your level of experience or education-This simple system is designed so anyone can follow it and make it work.
Andrew is just a regular guy who copied the same money making system he learned at a seminar in Las Vegas over 10 years ago. He follows pretty much the exact same system to this day (with some tweaks). He has banked over $50 million in the last few years...using nothing but his laptop.
Right now, I’m inviting you to follow in Andrew’s path by claiming your copy of his Sunday Time’s bestselling book, COPY THIS IDEA.
But wait there’s more...
You can pick up his book absolutely FREE by >>>clicking on this link now<<<
This book normally retails at £9.99 and I’m not sure how long Andrew is running this free offer for, so>>>Grab your free copy now<<< while you still can.
It’s the exact same system that allowed:
· A part time musician to bank over £7 million
· A former DJ to pull in £3 million

· A former call centre worker to bank over £1 million from her kitchen table

The book is well worth a read.