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Stonehaven is the main county town of Kincardineshire and the Mearns, although, due to Local Government changes, the town now lies within Aberdeenshire.
It is a special place to visit and to live in because of it's sense of history, with the impressive ruined fortress of Dunnottar Castle, the awe inspiring views of the sea and harbour, the friendliness of the local people and close proximity to many attractions around the area

Monday, 24 August 2015


 It's tempting to think that here, in this quiet corner of Northeast Scotland, people can go about their business more or less unwatched by the rest of the world. Far from it! No sooner the story about Aberdeenshire's idea of removing a banner from the Carron Fish Bar hailing it as the “Birth Place of the World Famous Deep Fried Mars Bar“ hit national headlines last week, it also found its way into Irish papers. In fact, in less than two days it travelled around the globe.

The story was covered by several Australian papers. The Sydney Daily Telegraph even dubbed it “Fried Mars Bar Brouhaha“. A South African news site summarised the events as  “Home of deep-fried Mars bar battered“. CNBC featured the story by asking “Is this the end of Scotland's deep-fried Mars Bar?“. An Indian food lovers' website published an opinion piece titled “In Defence of the Deep-Fried Mars Bar“. A columnist at 'The Times of Oman' took the story to yet another level by firmly taking Aberdeenshire Council's side and presenting their action as an attempt to distance themselves from the promotion of unhealthy snacks and from the image of Scots as an army of fatties fatefully addicted to all things deep-fried. Even the online service of travel guide Lonely Planet had its say by informing readers about the banner incident.

While Aberdeenshire Council's request to remove the advert was intended to enhance the appearance of Stonehaven, the effect has been global publicity for the Carron Fish Bar and the town itself. It wouldn't come as a surprise if even more visitors flocked to Stonehaven now in order of taking a look at the controversial banner and the chip shop which is now well and truly world-famous.

This article by Regina Erich who runs a self catering accommodation business in Stonehaven www.arduthiegardenflat.com/

Friday, 5 June 2015

Stonehaven boutique "My Beautiful Caravan" has had an outstanding first year in business.

The quirky gift and vintage shop, which opened in March 2014, recently celebrated its 1st birthday after achieving great things in those first 12 months.  The tiny shop which many thought would not do well (other businesses locally are floundering and 3 closed last week) has astonished the community by surviving and thriving.  Achievements include tripling projected turnover, employing four permanent staff and proudly supporting many local community projects and charities.

The cherry on the cake came when they were announced last month as one of only 3 finalists in the prestigious Trend Life with Style Awards 2015 in the category "Best New Business".   The Awards will be held on 18 June at the Ardoe House in Aberdeen.

The shop will launch online trading later in the year.

For more information please visit www.facebook.com/mybeautifulcaravan or call owner Liz Thomson on 07802 951904.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Stonehaven put on probably it's biggest event to date on Hogmany when Open Air in the Square was revised after no event in 2011 due to lack of volunteers.

Thanks to the tenacity of local hotel owner Michelle Ward the Market Square attracted it's biggest ever crowd with a variety of talented entertainers.

Michelle was ably supported by an enthusiastic commitee who formed Stonehaven Festivals and Events Group a registered charity.

The event kicked off at 2pm with the Lyndsay School of Dance and foreign visitors enjoyed the traditional Highland Dancing.

Local band Evening Sprint all pupils at Mackie Academy played an excellent set, before the Blazing Fiddle closed the afternoon performance.

The Market Square closed from 6pm to 8.30 pm when large crowds gathered to be entertained by
former Stonehaven lad Colin Clyne who has been making a musical career for himself in America.

Evening Sprint took the stage again to a much larger audience and wowed the crowd.

Local girl Amy Sawyer and her band gained a lot more fans after a brilliant performance.

Some of the crowd did not want to miss the famous Fireballs Festival and left for a short while and returned to see the last part of the Red Hot Chill Pipers performance.

Considering Stonehaven was affected by floods twice in the last few weeks, this was a magnificent effort which brought plenty cheer. The video below by Billy Allan gives you a little flavour of what it was like.

What an atmosphere in the town and what a well behaved crowd.The Red Hot Chilli Pipers proved to be a class act and as many people said " What a way to bring in the New Year.

The organisers deserve a lot of credit for staging this event despite the many obstacles they faced with regard to Health & Safety.They did underestimate the popularity of the bar manned by volunteers but no doubt lessons have been learned.

All in all I thought it was a first class event.

Monday, 24 December 2012

The Angry Sea at Stonehaven


The sea was still angry in Stonehaven on Sunday 23rd Dec. The above video shows the waves at the harbour where the MRI and the Boathouse suffered extensive damage last week. With the River Carron also bursting it's banks and causing flooding locals were praying things would calm down.

Stonehaven hit by Floods Again


Stonehaven suffered again as the river Carron broke it's banks just after 2.30 am on Sunday 23rd December 2012.Emergency services were quickly on the scene. The short video above shows Arbuthnott St and Bridgefield as one Business owner clears her shop and the Emergency services tries to clear the water and debris.

The High Street in the old town was flooded again only 3 years after the devastation caused by floods in Dec 2009. 40 homes had to be evacuated. This is where the Fireballs Festival is due to take place  at Hogmanay - just over a week's time. The town is devastated but the local community are rallying round to help where they can
High St 10.30am Sun 23rd Dec 2012

This comes just one week after Stonehaven took a battering from the sea and this caused extensive damage along the sea front.

For some people this will not be a Merry Christmas and our thoughts go out to all those affected.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Scottish pupils stranded in New York as Hurricane Sandy closes in
The group of 10 students from Stonehaven's Mackie Academy flew to the city last week to take part in a mock trials competition but have now been confined to their hotel as the weather closes in. Hurricane Sandy is threatening 50 million people .......Click link above for more information.

Friday, 6 July 2012

On Saturday 7th July John Carnie, guitarist and singer living in Aberdeen will visit Stonehaven  to launch his Scottish Guitar Tutor at The Stonehaven Folk Festival.

Although he is a very accomplished flatpicking guitarist, specialising in Scottish traditional music he is also known for his blues guitar playing and singing and mixing of the two traditions.

If you like flatpicking guitar then his recent CD "Far From Home is a must buy" It is a treasure trove of Scotland's musical heritage, showcasing jigs and reels some with a bluesy twist

You can meet John at Celtic Chords in Barclay Street from 12noon or find out more at www.johncarnie.com