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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Help Stonehaven Town Hall Get Much Needed Funding

Stonehaven Town Hall is in urgent need of funding and you could help the Town Hall Trust secure thousands of pounds from the Big Lottery Peoples Millions.
Stonehaven Town Hall Trust is in the running along with five other community projects and you can help Stonehaven by tuning into STV programme Giving Your Community A Voice at 6pm on Monday 27th
The telephone number will be on at 9am on the June 27 and the lines will be open from 9am until midnight. Please help by voting.
If the funding is secured the building’s trustees will use the money to install a new sound system in the lower hall.
Stonehaven Town Hall trust member Chris Stirk said: “We need a sound system for the town hall. It needs a sound system so we can put more events on, raise more money and do better things in the hall – it’s as simple as that.
“It saves us hiring it in every time we want to do something and saves us hiring the hall for 12 hours when you only want it for a five hour gig.
“Particularly the elderly and the ones in the care homes want a matinee and at the moment we just can’t physically get the stuff in and set up in time. If the gear is there we can do a matinee for the older generation.
“It will also benefit things like the Folk Festival – they will no longer have to hire in the gear. It would save them £4,000 a year.
“We’re hoping to get the schools involved too because apart from Mackie Academy none of them have a big stage.
Note your diaries now to tune into STV on Mon 27th June at 6pm and do use your vote.

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