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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Is There A Pot of Gold Here?

Copyright ©Kenny MacFarlane

Love this amazing photo of a rainbow over Dunnottar Castle.

A chance meeting in a bar in Stonehaven led to a conversation about Stonehaven and taking photos.

Kenny MacFarlane had come to Stonehaven from Glasgow to visit his girlfriend and to take photos of the Fireballs Festival.

He didn't have much luck with Fireballs photos but managed to capture this amazing photo while out walking near the iconic Dunnottar Castle on New Year's Day 2017

He told me the story of how he watched the rainbow form and waited till it had dropped down on the castle and was able to create this great shot.

No pot of gold was found but it was certainly a golden moment and I am very grateful to Kenny for sharing this with me and allowing me to share this with others.

If anybody is interested in purchasing this photo please send us an email.


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